Addressing human brokenness holistically.


A New View of Poverty

Our approach to poverty alleviation in America has not worked, because we have a faulty and incomplete understanding of poverty. ACTS works with churches to take a leadership role in poverty alleviation by moving beyond a material view of poverty.

What is ACTS?

The Church and Poverty

How should we understand poverty and the church’s role in alleviating it? How can a ministry to the poor change lives and advance the Kingdom of God? We asked three leaders in the ACTS movement to share their views.


Joy Barnhill

Joy Barnhill’s story begins with broken relationships, self-doubt and material poverty, but through her involvement with Kettering Circles, part of the ACTS movement to alleviate poverty, Joy found a supportive and caring community that walked with her in the journey out of brokenness and poverty.

“I Wanted to Make a Difference”

What can happen in my heart if I commit to serving others? Listen in as several people share how their lives have been impacted and transformed by working with those trapped in poverty.