Equipping the church with tools for holistic ministry.

The following is a list of ACTS resources to help you get started based on your church's particular season, needs or calling.


We want to know where we are at

Little Knowledge or Experience with Poverty

Cost of Poverty Experience: 3 hour poverty simulation accommodating 30-120 people.


Need to Understand our current reality

Ministry Profile: Current snapshot of your congregation's views on poverty and current engagement levels in your community.


We need training

We're getting ready to launch a community ministry

We need to better understand the challenges of our neighbors in poverty

Equip Training: 4-6 hour training workshops on the following topics

  • Sacred Space: Understanding Impacts of Trauma
  • Break Dividing Walls: Poverty & Race in America


We want help with a specific ministry

We need some "just in time" coaching to help us with a specific ministry need

Customized Coaching: Up to 4 hours of video/phone coaching & links to ministry resources



We are seeking holistic change

Ask us about a comprehensive ACTS process that partners your church or a cohort of churches & community partners with a coach to walk with you through a series of training, facilitated workshops and coaching to create transformational change.


Taking the First Step

The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) is a lead tool that can be used to catalyze your church into deeper levels of understanding that facilitates meaningful engagement in ACTS. COPE provides real life scenarios of the challenges that families experiencing poverty are facing as well as citing examples of church and faith-based ministries that are working to impact poverty in their communities. COPE is a first step in the ACTS process.

Hear from a local pastor on his experience with COPE:

Hear from COPE participants on the impact of the experience.

Contact us for more information on getting started.